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Congratulations to us here at SBL, we have won the "Taiwan Excellence Award 2017" with SBL-1060EFT Auto Die Cutting and Hot Foil Stamping machine.  

Congratulations to us here at SBL, we have won the "Taiwan Excellence Award 2017" with SBL-1060EFT Auto Die Cutting and Hot Foil Stamping machine. 

SBL introduces in 2016 the latest Automatic Foil Stamping and Diecutting Platen to speed up the machine and meet customers' diversified demand. These products of the series will no doubt win the absolute advantage over the competitors in Western Region with the innovative characteristics as follows:

1.Cam Curve Optimization:The refined and optimized cam curve prevents any jerk problem and allows the machine to run smoothly and speed up in operating.

2.Carbon fiber reinforced Gripper Bars:We adopt Carbon fiber reinforced Gripper Bars to replace Alloy ones to gain the weight reduction by over 30% and strength augment by 50% and will extend the duration of the chain as a result.

3.Platen Strengthening & Air Cushion Augment:An arch shaped structure design for the new platen, compared with the original square shaped one, will equally distribute the immense force occurred from continual operating to the four supporting feet, to avoid distortion, and will thus increase the operating accuracy.
Simultaneously, we provide the air cushion with blowing via two air outlet for operator to easily withdraw the counter plate, to reduces the friction of withdrawing to prevent any operating incident.

4.Pneumatic Foil Press Rollers Mechanism:We design to move the fixed bracket forward and backward with a mechanical controller (i.e. air cylinder) and the press rollers will be off the line simply by pressing a control button instead of taken out with some tool by operator.

5.New type of 6 Shafts Foil Waste Re-winder:New foil waste re-winder with temporary buffer roller structure design makes it happen to rewind faster, to work in efficiency. And the compact design will reduce the space in need.

6.Transversal Hot Stamping System Augment:We satisfy to hot stamp not only longitudinal direction but also lateral directional for irregular hot stamping demand and less foil wastage. Transversal hot stamping makes it to be more flexible in operating and most of all, to be cost down.
Taiwan Excellence award:

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