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Max. sheet size 1450 x 1100(mm)
Min. sheet size 500 x 370(mm)
Machine speed 100PCS/Min.
Machine Length 11980(mm)
Power required 17.5HP


Auto feeder with vacuum suction system for flute sheets.


Strong and high precision timing belt contruction.


Auto recycling glue system, Precise glue wheel make glue even.


Conveyor section for pressing sheets after lamination.


1 Automatic model, increase the productivity.
2 Precision lamination for printed sheet with corrugated board.
3 High efficiency and economic investment.
5 Multiple operation mode, versatile model.
6 Strong construction, high durability.

1 Precision feeding for both feeder pile.
2 Fornt register by chain for sheets
3 Timing belt driving, high precision.
4 Equip with glue supplement switch and recycling glue system.
5 Precise glue wheel, applicable for all kinds of paper.
6 Suction belt feeding for the bottom feeder, applicable for kinds of paper.

1 Upper feeder applicable ofr printed cardboard and corrugated single wall.
2 Bottom feeder applicable for single faced A,B,C,E,F corrugated board, Corrugated double wall and cardboard above 270g/㎡.
3 Bottom glue is adjustable for single side glue.

1 Equip with dust filter for the bottom pile, with dust collecting and cleaning effect.
2 Easy to remove the glue on the glue wheel.

1 Custom made model available upon request.
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