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Max. paper size 1060 x 760 mm
Min. paper size 400 x 350mm
Max. die-cutting paper size 1045 x 745 mm
Min. gripper margin 11mm
Die-cutting force 300Tons
Inner size of die chase 1075 x 769 mm
Cutting plate size 1076 x 756 mm
Range of material thickness 0.1mm~2mm
Corrugated paper ≦4mm
Height of cutting rules 23.6mm
Max. punching speed 8000S/H
Register tolerance ±0.075mm
Total power 20KVA
Outer size of machine(mm) 5885L × 2204W × 2133H
Machine weight (approx.) 16.5Tons
Feeder pile height with pallet 950mm
Feeder pile height with pallet (without non-stop) 1250mm
Delivery pile height 950mm
Feeder pile height with 400mm elevation (option) 1650mm
Version V.02
Small sheet device (option) 320mm x300mm
Gripper bite(minimum) 3mm

**Feeder Section

New suction nozzle → paper are less scratched.
Dual support axles → stable feeding, less vibration.
Brand new feeder structure design. 
            • Smooth forwarding performance
            • Optimum pressing feet engagement
            • Air manifold valve work harmoniously in line with cam
Worm shaft type main pile pallet motor → ensure smoother lift, lessen the sliding  and overloading.
Rock arm double sheet detection → more sensible.
New feeder wheel → more stable, less lateral shake.
Servo feeder device. (option)
            • Provide more accurate front lay register in high speed run
            • Keep thin paper from warp and deformation
            • Adjustable with regard to various size of sheet

**Die-cutting Section
Upper die chase and lower counter plate adopt central line registration → interchangeable counter plate for different 
Lower counter aluminum plate with micro adjustment device → counter plate could be modified by 1.5mm on all sides.
Die chase and counter plate with pneumatic locking → facilitate easy operation.
Pneumatic counter plate locking → withdraw plate effortlessly.
Automatic on/off pressure system design → can be set to 0.001mm, ensure accurate pressure.
Oil tank built with air circulation → ensure main engine running more stable.
Decentralized main power transmission  → keep axel from easy wear.
New frame structure design:
          • Avoid deformation under heavy cutting force 
          • Ensure better accuracy of die cut flatness

**Stripping Section
Optimized stripping motion → easier to strip waste.
Lightened and improved drive structure → bearing and cams are less frayed.

**Delivery Section 
Pneumatic side joggling → Adjustable timing and frequency varies with different sheet sizes and materials.
Servo brush device → Flexible pressing duration setting varies with different sheet length. 
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